Water Purification Technologies

By | June 18, 2018

There are several water purification technologies:

Here we are describe the several purification technologies that are using for the purification of water. All the branded RO water purifiers using these technologies having different name of technology but the working functions of all water purifiers same.

  • RO  Technology:-  In RO technology the water is purify by the revers osmosis process. In this technology the dirty water is purified through semipermeable membrane which have very small pore size in parts of micron.
RO Technology

RO Technology

The membrane removes the dissolve salts in water . This is the best technology used for water purification ground as well as river               water .The pore size of RO membrane 0.0001 micron.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is commonly used filtration systems that removes the dissolved contaminants or salts in the water. There is a problem with RO is, It needs a lot of water. The RO process categorized the water into two parts and remove the dissolved salts. Reverse osmosis requires a lot of water, and the wastage is also high.

  • UV Technology:- In UV technology the water is purified by ultra violet technology. In this technology dirty water passes through ultra violet rays and these ultra violet rays deactivate the bacteria,virus dissolve in water .
UV Technology

UV Technology

This technology mostly used for river water ,UV Technology cannot removes the dissolve salts.  Water should be clear for UV to                   work.

  • UF Technology:- In UF technology the water is purify by ultra filtration technology.In this technology dirty water is goes through UF membrane which have small pore size(0.1 micron) but less than ro membrane. This technology mostly used for ground water which having low TDS.
UF Technology

UF Technology

There are many health benefits of Drinking the pure water. It is most important to choose the Right Water Purifier since there are a             lot of harmful particles like bacteria,virus, artificial chemicals that are present in Both Bore-well water as well as River Water.

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