RO-UV & UF Water Purifier

LG WAW73JR2RP RO Water Purifier – 8 Liter

LG WAW73JR2RP have triple protection RO+UV+UF purification technology. It have large 8 ltr. purified water storage capacity. It ahve an advance Mineral booster technology absorb the chlorine and polished water. The Mineral Booster is filled with carbon and coral sand which adds the mineral into the water. It also maintain the pH level in between 6.5… Read More »

Livpure Envy Plus RO Water Purifier -8 Liter

Livpure Envy Plus RO Water Purifier using 7 stage purification process and advance RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer. The water storage capacity 8 Liter and operating voltage is 24 volt DC. It can purify water up to TDS level 2000 ppm. It comes with counter top or wall hanging installation options. Main Features of  Envy Plus RO Water Purifier Purifying Technology:… Read More »

Livpure Hero Star RO Water Purifier -7 Liter

Livpure Hero Star RO Water Purifier have 7 stage purification technology with Wall mount installation. It have Taste enhancer for better taste. It have the facility Power ON, purification process and tank full indication. Main Features of  Hero Star RO Water Purifier 7 stages of Purification  RO + UV + UF + Taste enhancer technology… Read More »

Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier – 8.5 Liter

Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier is electrical an storage type RO water purifier. It have 8 different stages of the purification system are as : Pre-Filter process, Anti-Scalant Cartridge process, Sediment Filter process, Pre-Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorbed process, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane process, Mineralizer process, Ultra-Filtration Cartridge process, Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Column process. It used RO, UV and UF purification… Read More »

Livpure TOUCH 2000 PLUS RO Water Purifier – 8.5 Liter

Livpure TOUCH 2000 PLUS water purifier comes with Programmed  Germ killed Technology. It have 7 stages water filtration technology with RO, UV  and UF technology. It have advance TDS enhancer for controlling the taste of water. It have filter changed alarm and  LED indicators. It have 8.5 liter purified water storage capacity with 15 liter… Read More »

Livpure Magna RO Water Purifier – 11 Liter

Livpure Magna RO Water Purifier electrical and storage type water purifier. It have 6 stages water filtration process. It used triple protection RO, UV and UF purification technology. It have 11 liter purified water storage tank. It have 12 liter per hour flow rate. It have simply touch technology to operate water purifier. Main Features… Read More »