Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Aquaguard water purifiers is one of the best brand in India in the field of water purifiers. Aquaguard water purifiers (Eureka Forbes) established in 1982 in Indian. From the date of establishment, Aquaguard presented lot of products in Indian market in the competition of water purifiers. Aquaguard having only a single goal, bring happy, healthy and pollution free living to the customer.
Aquaguard enterd in 1982 with only a vision to give pure, healthy and safeliving to the customer. Aquaguard is a multi-channel, multi-product organisation having 8 million satisfied customer . Aquaguard have reached of over 450 cities and towns. It is Asia’s largest direct sales and channel sales force that have 18000 dealers in India and over the world. Aquaguard also extended their precence to globle market as Forbes Lux in a joint venture with Lux International, Switzerland.
Aquaguard made led product in the rage of water purifiers, air purifiers, cleaning and security systems categories. All the product presented by the Aquaguard ensure the pure, healthy, safe, pollution free living under the circumtances or according to law of conservation of nature.
Aquaguard Recently launched solar bulb-Eurodiya that is India’s first solar bulb with solar panel- hardness of solar energy to light homes and people can store it for the longer duration. In his 35 years of existance Aquaguard got a termendus sucesses in the direct sale in India. Today It is the one of the largest direct selling company in the world. Aquaguard is one of the best brand in the field of water purification. Aquaguard awarded every year by numerous awards in India and international for its superior technology.

Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier – 7 Liter

Aquaguard Magna HD RO Water Purifier is combination of purification technologies HCCB Cartridge, Mineral Guard, Membrane Life Enhancer, HD RO Membrane, UV, Nutritron Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge. It have 7 Liter purified water storage capacity with 15 liter per hour purification rate. It is best purifier for TDS level up to 2000 ppm. and having RO and… Read More »

Aquaguard Classic UV Water Purifier – Non Storage

Aquaguard Classic Water purifier comer with UV purification technology. This is electrical and non storage type water purifier. It have UV purification technology with purification features chemi-block, mineral guard,Intelligent Purity Sensor,Pre-Filter,Auto Shut-off,Unique e-Boiling. Main Features of Aquaguard Classic Water Purifier UV Purification Technology Mineral guard Intelligent Purity Sensor Auto Shut-off Unique e-Boiling Electrical /non storage… Read More »

Aquaguard Superb RO Water Purifier – 6.5 Liter

Aquaguard Superb Water Purifier ensure the safe and healthy water through multiple purification technologies. It have triple protection purification technology RO,UV and UF. It have 6.5 liter of water storage capacity. It have advance Mineral Guard technology,TDS regulator and Smart LED indicator. Main Features of Superb RO Water Purifier Mineral Guard Technology Total Protection Through… Read More »

Aquaguard Geneus RO Water Purifier – 7 Liter

Aquaguard Geneus RO water purifier comes with Triple purification process RO,UV and UF. It have 7 liter water storage capacity with 15 liter per hour purification rate. It have latest technologies Test-guard,I-Filter, Sensor, LED Display, RO, UV and UF for ensuring safe and healthy water. Main Features of Aquaguard Geneus RO Water Purifier RO+UV+UF Purification… Read More »