Top Kent RO Water Purifiers

KENT RO Systems Limited is a 21st century water purifier company with a vision to make the world a healthy and a happy. Kent RO bringing the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India, KENT started its operations from Noida, India in 1999. Over the years, it has evolved and invent the lots of technologies… Read More »

Water Purification Technologies

There are several water purification technologies: Here we are describe the several purification technologies that are using for the purification of water. All the branded RO water purifiers using these technologies having different name of technology but the working functions of all water purifiers same. RO  Technology:-  In RO technology the water is purify by… Read More »

LG WAW73JR2RP RO Water Purifier – 8 Liter

LG WAW73JR2RP have triple protection RO+UV+UF purification technology. It have large 8 ltr. purified water storage capacity. It ahve an advance Mineral booster technology absorb the chlorine and polished water. The Mineral Booster is filled with carbon and coral sand which adds the mineral into the water. It also maintain the pH level in between 6.5… Read More »

LG WAW53JW2RP RO Water Purifier – 8 Liter

LG WAW53JW2RP RO Water Purifier comes with five stages water filtration process. It have 20 liter per hour water flow rate with 8 liter stainless steel storage tank. It have in-built Auto Flushing feature washes the RO membrane surface on periodic intervals to remove the damaging particulates, salt deposits, etc. Hence, it improves the life of… Read More »

LG WAW35RW2RP RO Water Purifier – 8 Liter

LG WAW35RW2RP RO Water Purifier comes with true RO filtration, Dual protection stainless steel tank, Digital sterilizing care with flexible installation Table Top or Wall Mount. It is the best water purifier in the range of purification filter. You can check the LG WAW35RW2RP RO water purifier price, review and specification. Main Features of LG WAW35RW2RP RO Water… Read More »